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Maritime Linux Success Stories


Linux in Computer Science/Informatique curriculum

Linux supercomputers


- Acadia University offers an officially supported Linux distro for their laptops.

Acadia University makes heavy use of the PostgesSQL database package.

Acadia University uses FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Dalhousie has several Linux clusters (more details soon!)


Moncton Boys and Girls Club

The problems: The solution:

Brunswick Street Baptist Church, Fredericton NB

The problems: The solution:

Small Business

- (based in PEI) re-designed the website, and contributed to the current icon set for Firefox and Thunderbird.

- Engineering Technologies Canada - embedded Linux products and consulting


Steve Mallet - turned some ideas and a Red Hat CD into noteriety

Tim Legge - developer and release manager for etherboot

November 10/2004
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